Just a Drop Thank You’s


I am so grateful to the following people for their support:

Ciyo Brown – Production, Guitar, Percussionhttps://www.facebook.com/ciyoguitarbrown/ 
Steve Jones – Production, Piano, Sound Engineer, Mixing http://www.relaxx.co.uk/relaxx-records/
Simone Filiali – Studio, Sound Engineer, Mixing http://www.slipwaystudio.com/about.html
Ian Markx – Promotional Video and more! www.markx.co 
Simon Lomax – Mixing and Mastering www.simonlomax.com 
Jon Brammer – Production, Guitar, Piano, BV’s, Website www.jonbrammerdesign.com www.jonbrammermusic.com 
James Randall – Guitar, Arrangement
Courtney Anglin – Drums & Photography 
Mike Ikwuemesi – Bass 
Red Robin – Native American Flute https://soundcloud.com/redrobin-music 
Paul Rigby – The Audiophile Man https://www.facebook.com/audiophileman/ 
Tellurium Q – Sponsorship www.telluriumq.com


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